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Sixteen Quotations on the Seizing of Power, Louvre

2008. Magnetic tape recorder, stereo magnetic tape recording, microphone, microphone, table, plinth, exhibition visitors, exhibition staff.
Conceived for the ostensive setting of the Museum-House Anastácio Gonçalves, a former artist's studio turned museum in Lisbon, Portugal, this piece superimposes onto this context a narrative on the formation of the Louvre Museum, the first public museum.

This sound piece is composed of two distinct left and right tracks.

The left track features a selection of quotes from primary and secondary bibliography on the foundation of the Louvre Museum as a public museum. It narrates various iconoclastic attacks against the former palace's royal collection throughout the French revolution and the first, second and third French republics.
The right track is an informal census composed throughout the exhibition by the museum staff.  After asking each visitor if they would like to hear the piece, the staff registers the visitor's intentions ("The visitor would like to hear the piece/The visitor would not like to hear the piece").

This list is superimposed onto the historic account of agonism within the Louvre Museum as both tracks are left playing simultaneously, regardless of the visitors desire to hear the piece or not.