Explore, Experience, Enjoy

2013-2014. Double channel HD video animation, 2', color, sound.

"In these temporary walls, financial dependencies, worker's memorabilia, and rhetorics of leisure and welfare state nostalgia accumulate in the face of an instability that repeatedly converted concepts into objects and objects back into concepts, merging simulation into exhibitions through the medium of information. It is here that the projective and the material fuse together into a single environment—one that mirrors the simultaneous liquidation and saturation of an unstable ecology we used to call the public."

Environments., exhibition press, 2013.
Explore, Experience, Enjoy was first presented at e-flux, New York, as an extension of the exhibition Environments, in collaboration with Pedro Neves Marques, 2013. For more on Environments see here.

Each projection was positioned at symmetrical ends of the gallery space, highlighting the slight differences in the editing and objects represented in each of the video channels. The floorplan and camera angles of this virtual space appropriates that of the 1970 exhibition of conceptual art Information, curated by Kynaston McShine. While further artifacts may be added, at the moment, the exhibition includes the following selection of objects:

— wall texts. For complete wall texts see ANONYMOUS WALL TEXT #1 and #2.

— donation box, 2000, Ab Rogers Design for Tate Modern, powder coated aluminium, glass, plexiglass;

— posters for Universal Basic Income, or Guaranteed Basic Income, n/a, digital print on paper, wall composition;
Liberator v1.0, 2013, 3D printed nylon plastic, prototype developed by Defense Distributed, Texas, USA; — unspecified source, c. 2013, silicone prosthetic thumbs, Brazil (silicone finger replicas used by hospital workers of Sao Paulo's metropolitan area to forge fingerprints onto a digital timestamp machine with the objective of falsely stating extended works hours);

— unspecified source, origin 20th century, work collars, cotton;

Trauma and Tension Release, 2013. Unspecified source, educational department brochures for therapy sessions, offset prints;

Dial-a-Poem, 1968, by John Giorno. Phone-based service system, telephones, off-set prints, as exhibited at Information exhibition held at MOMA, 1970.