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2013. In collaboration with Pedro Neves Marques. e-flux, New York.

Blue carpet, three cubic monitors, three HD video projections, ambient sound, original and reproductions of “Aerospace Collection” inflatables by Quasar Khan (1969), New Yorker magazine page with Quasar Khan/MoMA ad (1970), and an exhibition text by the artists.

An exhibition-installation combining artworks by each artist and new collaborative pieces. The exhibition traces a speculative timeline from the ecological report “The Limits to Growth” in 1972 and the 1970s work-energy crisis to current neoliberal models, impoverishment of social ties/welfare.

The exhibition included a series of talks with historian Timothy Mitchell, historian of sciences Philipp Mirowski, and sociologist Alberto Toscano, as well as a discussion at the United Nations in New York with representatives from the UNESP and Legal Affairs.  Video recordings available here.
"All these bodies. See them decoupling from the multitude, every atom evermore individualized. In 1971 the dollar is decoupled from the gold standard, and henceforth the economy from the social, financial markets from economics. The rich withdraw from the poor. The middle class from politics. Only production meshes with consumption."

"In 1978, out of the Energy Crisis, the first oil futures market is established at the New York Mercantile Exchange. The decoupling of the gold standard was also the decoupling of modern conceptions of the economy linked to material wealth.
Just like the post-war boom in the production of plastic that preceded the energy crisis, this partition allowed for an image of abstraction and transparency in physical and metaphorical terms: materials that bend, stretch and flex and defy our material eternity, while being lightweight and socially-detached like markets and finance. Otherwise, how could a 1968 Parisian inflatable furniture line, named after space travel and produced by an engineer, propose to destabilize class relations and hierarchies by designing cheap, informal consumer bubbles to sit on?"

Exhibition press release written by the artists. For the full press release see Environments.