Beams of Cathodic Rays Shooting

2013. HD video, 8'10'', color, sound. Credits: music samples from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, by Delia Derbyshire (1960; 1971).

This video was first shown as part of the exhibition Environments, in collaboration with Pedro Neves Marques, at e-flux, New York, USA, 2013. This work then became the prologue episode for Inhabitants, an online channel for experimental video and documentary reporting, in collaboration with Pedro Neves Marques. See: inhabitants, an online channel for experimental video and documentary reporting, in collaboration with Pedro Neves Marques.

Inhabitants produces and hosts short-form video episodes, addressing specific political issues and combining citizen journalism with visual and montage techniques inherited from experimental cinema and the visual arts. Episodes have addressed issues such as the legal status of video, women’s reproductive rights, climate, geoengineering and the Anthropocene, as well as precarious digital labor. It has collaborated with campaigns such as Wages for Facebook the anti-oil extraction movement in Portugal, and the rising anti-Deep Sea Mining movement. 

Inhabitants has collaborated with institutions such as Haus der Kulturen Der Welt, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berardo Collection Museum, Contour8 Biennial, and TBA21. Since 2016, it has begun to produce videos by artists such as Louis Henderson, Filipa César, and Adam and Zach Khalil.
"In June of 2013 the Greek public television, ERT, was shut down, broadcasting its own ending live to a worldwide audience, as a consequence of the European crisis and its austerity-ridden economy. After ERT's 2,700 workers were sacked, they carried on broadcasting for online streaming and satellite relay channels. ERT may have been the last television channel to ever broadcast, the first and last television signal to be interrupted. In this respect, prosumer DSLR images of HD quality fail us as much as the overabundance of televised images before them—faced with the complexity of events, cameras remain narrowly perspective-oriented. As "extensions of men", broadcast images sit next to our own therapy sessions, in need of quarantine and treatment."

"Environments" exhibition press release written by the artist. For the full press release see Environments.