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Archive for the Permanence of Image, functional model

2008. Collection of super 8mm films, moviolas, mdf exhibition stands and table, chairs, written statements. Installation views at Serralves Museum for Contemporary Art, Oporto, and Ludlow 38, New York.

"Archive for the Permanence of the Image, functional model is a structure that proposes to collect an expanding number of short films that deal with recent Portuguese history. From the Portuguese Television Archives, these movies are subject to digital manipulation which determines that each frame is overlaid onto the second, in a succession that continues until the end of each shot. These movies are presented to the public in moviolas (viewing machines that project the film at a low intensity onto the screen, allowing the for viewing in any direction and different speeds) these movies allow for a detailed dissection on the part of the viewer who may see the paradoxical effect contained in the strategy of defining an archive of overexposure."

[copyright: Serralves Museum, 2008]
Selection of titles and synopsis from six of the thirteen-film archive:

Sunday of Volunteer Work, Cleaning of Public Monuments.
Image: volunteers gather to clean public monuments on a Sunday; interview with two cleaning ladies who volunteered.

Fire at the Ajuda Palace, Destruction of 500 Artworks.
Image: fire in the North wing of the Ajuda Palace destroys almost 500 paintings; the Ajuda Volunteer Firefighters tackle the fire in the building's exterior with fire trucks; firefighters run ladder up onto the Palace's roof. — Pasting of Wall Newspapers. Image: a mural of citizen-organized poster/newspapers is read by a crowd during the media shutdown that ensued after an attempt at a coup and the declaration of a state of emergency; several shots show the population reading the outdoor newspapers.
Theater for "Painel da liberdade [Liberty Mural]", National Gallery of Modern Art.
Image: satyr of fascist characters is performed by a theater group during the painting of the Liberty Mural; a symbolic funeral procession for Fascism unrolls, and ends after the coffin where Fascism lies is thrown into the Tagus river.

Provisional Government Decrees a Strike.
Image: public declarations from Pinheiro de Azevedo (VI Provisional Government) after talking with the President of the Republic Costa Gomes, on the political and military situation of the country; the government had suspended all its activities and threatened to strike claiming the lack of conditions for governing.

Television series "À volta da cidade [Around the city]", by Nuno Portas.
Image: One of eleven episodes on urbanism and housing politics; this episode focuses on the creation of social housing projects, with examples from the Bouça neighborhood in Oporto, where houses are built by their residents; Architect and Urban theorist Nuno Portas explains the project.